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“This novel hooked me in right from the beginning and didn’t let go. Individual, occasionally quirky and, in some cases, downright evil.” – Andrene Low, Author 

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Four friends, a shared past, a common enemy.

In New Zealand’s Martinborough, an ex-wine maker is murdered. The precise planning and execution by the unknown assailant begins a series of vile attacks.

Meanwhile north of Auckland, the long, hot summer is over and the tourists have left the Matakana wine country. A tranquil atmosphere descends and warm autumnal winds sweep across the grape-laden valleys.

With the harvest due, grapes sit bursting upon the manicured vines awaiting the pick. Within this vista of peace, a rampage of death is about to rock the local community to its core.

Will it be their shared history that sees the four friends being picked off one-by-one?

About Me

“Madeleine was born and raised in Sweden on the beautiful island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Living a carefree childhood filled with adventures and surrounded by Vikings remnants, her creativity was actively encouraged by her family. Madeleine was a voracious reader from an early age, with a fondness for mystery, convinced she’d become a Private Detective or a Spy when she grew up”

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Book Reviews

  • “This novel hooked me in right from the beginning and didn’t let go. The author weaves a wonderful tale full of hints and promises enough to have you wracking your brains as to who and, more importantly, why. It’s something you’re still working on right until the very end, the sign of a great crime novel. The vineyards and the Matakana area are beautifully drawn allowing the reader to see them as clearly as the characters themselves. And what characters they are. Individual, occasionally quirky and, in some cases, downright evil. I thoroughly recommend Blood on Vines.” 

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    Andrene Low
    Author of DietVale and The That Seventies Series
  • Blood On Vines is a deliciously criminal story set within the lush Matakana wine region of New Zealand. Infused with full-bodied characters and crime, the author has artfully woven a whodunnit thriller amongst the grapevines blanketing the Matakana valley. Authors so often neglect to include family life, but Blood On Vines has captured these in all their glory, which adds to the shock value when the plot twists, and then twists again. There is no guessing the ending of this one.”

    Kirsten McKenzie
    Author of The Forger and the Thief

The First in The Matakana Series. 



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